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At UAE Translation, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of specialized legal translation services right here on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. With our unwavering commitment to accuracy and professionalism, we are your trusted partner for all your legal translation needs.

Legal Document Translation

Our team of highly skilled linguists and legal experts are well-versed in translating a wide array of legal documents with precision and authenticity. Whether it’s contracts, agreements, court documents, patents, or legal correspondence, we ensure that every word is accurately translated, maintaining the legal essence of the content.

Certified Translation

When it comes to official documents needed for legal proceedings, governmental submissions, or international use, our certified translation services are your assurance of accuracy and compliance. Our certified translations are recognized by various legal authorities, ensuring your documents are accepted and valid across jurisdictions.

Notarization Services

For documents that require an extra layer of legal validity, we offer notarization services in conjunction with our translation solutions. Our partnership with authorized notaries means that your translated documents can carry the weight of authenticity required for legal purposes.

Contract Translation

Contracts are the foundation of legal relationships, and the accuracy of their translation is paramount. Our skilled translators possess an intricate understanding of contractual language, ensuring that the nuances and terms of your contracts are faithfully translated, preserving their legal significance.

Corporate Legal Translation

In the dynamic business landscape of Dubai, precise communication is crucial. Our corporate legal translation services encompass shareholder agreements, financial documents, mergers and acquisitions, and more, providing you with the linguistic accuracy necessary for successful business endeavors.

Litigation Document Translation

Navigating the complexities of litigation requires translations that leave no room for ambiguity. We specialize in translating court documents, pleadings, deposition transcripts, and evidence materials, enabling legal professionals to effectively communicate across languages and jurisdictions.

Legal Translation Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road
The Reasons

Why Choose UAE Translation?

Our team of highly skilled translators possesses a wealth of experience in the field of legal translation, ensuring that every document is not only linguistically flawless but also contextually accurate.


Legal documents must retain their integrity and meaning across languages. Our meticulous approach to translation ensures that every detail is captured accurately, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings or misinterpretations.


We recognize the sensitivity of legal documents. Your information remains strictly confidential throughout the translation process and beyond.


Our translators are not just language experts – they also possess a deep understanding of the legal sector, ensuring that your translations reflect the specific legal terminology and conventions of your jurisdiction.


Laws and legal practices can vary significantly from one culture to another. Our translators are adept at capturing these cultural nuances, ensuring that your translated documents are contextually appropriate and accurate.

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